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I’m running for County Commission to protect the charm of Williamson County and to help make it the best educated, most comfortable, and safest county in the State of Tennessee. Education, infrastructure, and public safety are most important to me at the local level, and in Williamson County we are feeling some growing pains in those areas.  I want to help by bringing my expertise and conservative values to the County Commission. I believe heavily in faith, family, and conservative values.  I will apply those values in decisions on the County Commission.  


I am proud to be joined by my good friend, father of five, small business owner, former Tennessee Titan, and current Page High School Assistant Football Coach, Karl Klug, as the campaign Treasurer. 


“Williamson County is my forever home, and we need people like Brian to help keep it special,” says Karl Klug.  “Brian shares my values and is exactly the type of guy I want to represent us in Williamson County,” said Klug.


I am proud to have assembled a great team, and I can’t wait to meet and listen to more families in this county! I would love your support and vote on May 3rd!

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